Paper Bundle Shrink Wrapping Machine

Custom Printed Tapes

2. Technical Parameter:

Width of the infeed conveyor 1200 mm
Material of roller Nylon/ PE
Number of sealing 3
Main Seal/Cut Width 1500mm
Side Seal Width 1500mm
Max. Package Height 300mm
Max. Film Width 1400mm
Power Requirement 430V, 3 phase, 50Hz,
Working Height 850mm + 50mm
Power Requirement 430V, 3 phase, 50Hz,
Compressed Air 6 bar
Air consumption 280 L / Min
Power consumption 37 kW
Packing Speed 3 packs/min
Speed Variable Speed out feed Conveyor
Material PE shrink film*2 reels
Film pulling motor 0.18 kw * 2 pcs
Machine From ground to conveyor surface is about 850mmH±50mmH

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